Wenyi Xiao
Huan Zhao
Haojie Pan
Yangqiu Song
Vincent W. Zheng
Qiang Yang.



An effective content recommendation in modern social media platforms should benefit both creators to bring genuine benefits to them and consumers to help them get really interesting content. In this paper, we propose a model called Social Explorative Attention Network (SEAN) for content recommendation. SEAN uses a personalized content recommendation model to encourage personal interests driven recommendation. Moreover, SEAN allows the personalization factors to attend to users’ higher-order friends on the social network to improve the accuracy and diversity of recommendation results. Constructing two datasets from a popular decentralized content distribution platform, Steemit, we compare SEAN with state-of-the-art CF and content based recommendation approaches. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of SEAN in terms of both Gini coefficients for recommendation equality and F1 scores for recommendation performance.