Our Vision

We care about the data privacy protection for each individual, and believe that keeping data locally is the best way to secure privacy.

AI is for good. We have initiated the Federated Learning ecosystem to develop and promote AI technology under the protection of data security and user privacy.

We are AI Group from WeBank, a technology-driven private-owned digital bank based in Shenzhen, China.

Our Goal

To build a collaborated AI Ecosystem based on Federated Learning.

FedAI ecosystem enables all partners fully exploiting their data values, and safely promoting applications in their vertical industry to achieve more goals.

Through the open-source project, we assist enterprises and institutions in AI empowerment and enhance abilities of self-modeling technologies.

Our Actions

To build a Federated Learning is bringing AI together from around the world. We provide software and technical support to build FedAI ecosystem AI Ecosystem based on Federated Learning.

Promote open source and build technology alliances mechanism

We are accelerating the open-sourcing of Federated Learning, and develop more research and technical applications.

Establish domestic and international standards and specifications

The formulation of algorithm framework and usage specifications can help enterprises use data legally, quickly and collaboratively in the cooperation process.

Build a multi-party consensus mechanism using technologies such as blockchain

We use technologies such as blockchain to establish a mechanism of benefit distribution and consensus. We also promote more institutions to participate and establish business alliances of data and technology.

Encourage participation and promotion of applications in vertical industry

Data and scenarios in verticals are more focused. We create a new data business model based on Federated Learning growing with Big Data ecosystem.

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